Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


•  For Non- Connecting Leads we will give Replacement of leads. In this case please contact us immediately.

We will give replacement of same cost lead.• We do provide replacements of leads for cases such as where clients are not responding to calls or massages, where clients have already hired another designer for their project even after verification from our side, unable to reach on contact details provided by our side within 48 hours from purchase of leads.

•  If client is not responding to calls/massages or contact details of clients is not reachable, in that case we request designers take call follow up or follow up on massages till 48 hours for clients reply, if there is no response from clients then we will definitely provide another lead at same cost after cross-verification done from our team for that designers need to submit screenshot of call log list or screenshot of massages whichever is available as proof (Proof is Mandatory for Replacement Process of Leads). 

•  If client has already dealing with another designer for their project even after verification done from our side then we request designers to contact us immediately and provide us screenshots of massages or recorded call done with client as proof (Proof is Mandatory for Replacement of Lead). We will provide new lead at the same cost after cross-verification done from our team.

•  Replacement will be provided on the basis of cost of already purchased lead.


•   We arrange refunds for the professionals who don’t want to continue with replacement of leads via IMPS transfer in their respective banks.

•   In that matter we deduct only 2% Transaction Charges from the Lead Cost.

Important Notice:-

Our company only play role as information source between client and designer until sale of leads. Once leads are sold from our side to respected designers then it will be client’s responsibility to deal with the designer in their own way (for security purpose).

In case of Fraud Transaction between Client and designer for example, work has not done by designer after receiving payment from client or client is not paying the designing fees even after completion of work, in that matter our company is not responsible for the transaction made between client and designer. In such cases we request you (Client and designer) to verify the person who you are dealing with before reaching on final conclusion.